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Harlem Hugs, LLC is a New York City based company focused on creating products and events to entertain and mentor pre-teen girls in and around the Harlem Community. Our plan is to cater everything we organize and promote to the enjoyment of young girls who just want to have fun!

      For close to a decade, I have supported my daughter in her desire to explore acting and drama. During this time, I've come to realize that it can be very stressful for the parents and more so for the child involved. We were sent on hundreds of auditions by her agent for commercials, movies, print advertisements, modeling shoots, videos and the list goes on. She was always given the opportunity to decide which of them she would like to attend. Therefore, whether she was the "chosen child" or not, it was her choice to go, so she enjoyed it regardless. 

     Giving her the option to accept or reject auditions made her grow and mature in the business more naturally. However, we all started to dread the auditioning process. Even though she became a lot stronger in her auditions and received more "call backs", I could tell that the rejection weighed heavily on her. Quite honestly, it was tiring me out as well! Her dad was used to it, having been a SAG member most of his adult life.

     Watching my daughter go through this process, as well as other changes of adolescence, really inspired me. In turn, she became my biggest inspiration to create Harlem Hugs, LLC. Seeing her natural acting and modeling talent, while watching her mature into a well-mannered, out-spoken and wonderful young lady, brought me to where I am at this point in time. I saw the opportunity to create an outlet for pre-teen girls like her, who really wanted to explore themselves and find out more about their passions and talents.

     With that said, I believe that there is such a thing as "naturally talented" people. Therefore, through Harlem Hugs, LLC and some "healthy competition and mentoring", I hope to bring this, among other things out of the girls who participate in our events.

Warm Regards,

Shawntee White-Yates
Founder & Executive Director

of Harlem Hugs, LLC

And the winner is....Jada Berthomieux!
But every Harlem Hug girl is really a winner!

The mini-tween, runner-up and winning girls
Awh...they made me proud!!!!!!

Parents & Girls
The winning tweens & my soon-to-be teen!!!!

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The faces of Harlem Hugs
October 24, 2009 - Annual Tween Pageant

View more photos through this link...

The 2nd Annual showcase was held on October, 24, 2009 at the Crystal Ballroom of Taino Towers in Spanish Harlem. OH WHAT A SPECTACULAR EVENT....despite the heavy rainfall!!! (see photos posted throughout this webpage or click the link above)
There were twelve girls, ages 8-12 years old (in addition to one 5 year old and one 13 year old) who participated. These young ladies had a FABULOUS time!!! 
SPECIAL THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE WHO SHOWED THEIR LOYAL SUPPORT AND CAME OUT IN THE STORMY WEATHER!!!! I'm sure you all will agree that it was worth every rain drop that down-poured from the sky!!!
Please stay tuned for upcoming events.
If you have any questions or would like additional information about future events, please send an email to: HarlemHugsLLC@gmail.com or you can call (917)886-8703.

The Faces of Harlem Hugs
August 9, 2008 - Annual Tween Pageant

If you had a backstage pass in 2008....
This is what you would have seen!

Future events & products will include:

Annual Showcase/Pageants (Fall 2011)

Etiquette classes (TBD)

Theatrical & Talent productions (TBD)

Mentoring Seminars & Workshops (TBD)

Harlem Hugs, LLC 
Please contact (917)886-8703 with any questions!

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